Decorative Travertine

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4 advantages of Travertine

Quality solutions

Easy to apply to the surface

This is a decorative plaster based on travertine. From it on the surface you can make any texture and any drawing.


Decorative travertine is not toxic, does not emit toxic substances during drying and is environmentally friendly.

Strength and durability

Very resistant to external influences. Long retains its original appearance.

The best prices

Decorative travertine has a relatively low cost and looks premium appearance.

Quality solutions


Travertine from the Italian travertino, in Latin lapis tiburtinus – Tiburian stone is a polycrystalline, brittle fine-grained, homogeneous rock formed by calcium carbonate minerals, calcareous deposits of carbonic sources.

It can be grinded and polished. Travertine is used in construction when finishing the exterior and interior surfaces of buildings.

Longevity and environmental friendliness of travertine explain its frequent use in construction.

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